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The UH-5000 humidifier is a professional grade humidifier which can be used for a wide variety of applications. The UH-5000 generates 5kg/hour fine dry mist (1~2 micron) which can be used for;

  • Horticulture; controlling the humidity in growrooms for optimal VPD and vigorous plant growth
  • Food shelf life; the generated dry mist ensures that fruit and vegetables stay fresh longer.
  • Optimal humidity for large houses and rooms; maintaining the optimal humidity levels for humans and animals is essential for good health. Wood can warp at low humidity levels.

The UH-5000 uses ultrasonic oscillation to generate very fine water spray (1 ~ 2 micron). Because of this high frequency oscillation the water becomes a very fine mist which will increase the humidity in your room. Due to the high fog capacity of 5 liters / hour, the UH-5000 is suitable for rooms up to 125m2.

The optional supplied digital hygrostat gives you the possibility to set and maintain the desired relative humidity (20% – 95% RH).

A number of properties of the UH-5000;

• Plug & Play system
• Moisture capacity of 5 liters of water per hour
• Supplied including digital hygrostat with 5 meter long sensor cable
• Handy 110 mm bend for spreading the fog (here an air distribution hose can be connected for even distribution of the fog)
• Can be placed outside the grow room or tent, so there is no loss of space in the grow room
• Compact size
• Integrated float and water connection
• Flood outlet for extra safety against water leakage
• Mobile thanks to handy rollers
• 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Florentec UH-5000 demonstration

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